WISE Tuner

Optimize Your AWS Resources for Maximum Efficiency


Reduced Cloud Cost By 33%

Wise Tuner optimized our RDS, Elasticache, and EC2 instances.

Reduced ECS Cost by 45%

Wise Tuner's ECS Spotting reduced 45% cost with dynamic spotting.

Streamlined our cloud operations

Unlocked substantial 35% reduction in our AWS expenses with Wise Tuner.


Learn more about how Wise Tuner can optimise your AWS cloud!

Configuring AWS services properly requires deep knowledge and diverse experience with various use cases. While AWS’s easy-to-implement services are excellent for general implementation, they often become problematic at scale and differ based on specific business needs. WiseTuner addresses these issues by focusing on your unique business use cases, tuning your resources for optimal performance, reduced costs, improved latency, enhanced availability, and robust security.

  • Automated Resource Optimization: WiseTuner continuously analyzes your AWS resources, identifying opportunities for optimization. It automatically adjusts configurations, right-sizes instances, and ensures that your resources are always aligned with your current demands.

  • Cost Reduction: By eliminating waste and ensuring optimal resource usage, WiseTuner helps you significantly reduce your AWS costs. Our customers typically see a reduction in cloud expenditures by up to 30%.

  • Performance Enhancement: WiseTuner doesn't just save you money; it also enhances the performance of your cloud environment. By ensuring that resources are correctly configured and utilized, your applications run more efficiently and reliably.

  • Seamless Integration: WiseTuner integrates effortlessly with your existing AWS setup, providing insights and recommendations directly within the AWS console. No need for complex configurations or additional tools – just straightforward optimization.

  • Real-Time Analytics: Gain access to real-time analytics and comprehensive reports on your cloud resource usage. Understand where your costs are going and how you can improve efficiency with detailed, actionable insights.

  • ECS Spotting: Optimize your ECS resources using spot instances for significant cost savings.

  • EC2 Spotting: Supports Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) and Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to leverage cost-efficient spot instances.

  • Right Sizing: Ensure optimal sizes for ECS, EC2, RDS, SageMaker notebooks, ElasticCache, and OpenSearch to match your actual needs.

  • Modernization: Upgrade and modernize your ECS, EC2, RDS, SageMaker notebooks, ElasticCache, and OpenSearch for better performance and cost-efficiency.

  • Configuration Tuning: Supports over 20 AWS services to fine-tune settings for maximum efficiency.

  • Load Balancer Rules and Listener Tuning: Enhance your load balancer configurations for optimal traffic management and performance.
  • Connect Your AWS Account: Simply link your AWS account to WiseOps, and let our advanced algorithms start analyzing your environment.

  • Automated Analysis and Recommendations: WiseTuner performs continuous, automated analysis of your resources, providing real-time recommendations for optimization.

  • Implement Optimizations: Apply optimizations with a single click. WiseTuner ensures that changes are implemented smoothly, without disrupting your operations.

  • Monitor and Adjust: Keep track of performance improvements and cost savings with our intuitive dashboard. WiseTuner continuously monitors your environment, making adjustments as needed to maintain optimal efficiency.

Reduce Your Cloud Cost By 35%

Enable your engineers to maximize cloud efficiency at every stage.

Deliver AI-powered, actionable recommendations within their flow of work.

Real Results, Real People: What Our Customers say

Testimonial Image
Ranvijay Singh

Head of Engineering

"Working with WiseOps has been a game-changer for Edureka. Their Wise Tuner tool enabled us to reduce our overall AWS costs by 33%, specifically optimizing our RDS, Elasticache, and EC2 instances. The ease of integration and the seamless automation provided by WiseOps allowed our engineering team to focus on core activities rather than manual cloud management."

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Manoj Patel

Head of Engineering, Kofluence

"We were able to adopt and work with WiseOps in under two days, and were delighted with getting 32% of savings on our total cloud bill. Our team's productivity soared, and we finally feel in control of our cloud spending. Bravo!"

Testimonial Image
Andy Kar

Co-Founder, Sportiqo

"As the co-founder of Sportiqo, a leading cricket fantasy gaming platform, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of WiseOps on our AWS management. We've not only streamlined our cloud operations but also unlocked substantial 31.84% reduction in our AWS expenses."

Testimonial Image
Ravi Verma

DevOps, Cogoport

"WiseOps algorithm displayed exceptional expertise in deciphering our cloud infrastructure, pinpointing key areas for cost-effective enhancements without sacrificing performance. Their predictive strategies led to a remarkable 18% decrease in our AWS expenses monthly."