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About Sportiqo

Sportiqo, a pioneering bloackchain based gaming company, leverages vast amounts of data to deliver real-time analytics to sports organizations and fans. Operating in an industry where demand can spike unpredictably based on sporting seasons and events, Sportiqo faces unique challenges in managing cloud infrastructure efficiently. The fluctuating workloads, especially during peak sporting seasons, necessitate a flexible and cost-effective cloud management strategy to handle intense computational demands without incurring excessive costs.



Sportiqo’s primary challenge was the high costs associated with running Amazon ECS, which were exacerbated by the variability in their workload. During off-peak times, much of the provisioned computing power lay idle, leading to wasteful spending. Conversely, peak times demanded rapid scalability, often resulting in over-provisioning and further financial inefficiency. Managing these costs while maintaining the performance needed for real-time analytics was becoming increasingly complex and unsustainable.



To address these challenges, Sportiqo partnered with WiseOps to implement ECS Spotting, a sophisticated solution designed to optimize the use of Amazon ECS Fargate. This solution involved:

  • Dynamic Spot Instance Utilization: WiseOps ECS Spotting dynamically adjusted the allocation of ECS Fargate resources by seamlessly integrating Spot instances. These Spot instances provided the necessary computing power at a fraction of the cost of on-demand instances, effectively managing workload fluctuations.

  • Real-Time Scalability: The system was configured to automatically scale up using Spot instances during peaks in demand, such as high-traffic sporting events, and scale down during quieter periods, ensuring that Sportiqo paid only for the resources it actually needed.

  • Zero Downtime Implementation: Crucially, the transition between Spot and on-demand instances was managed to ensure zero downtime, maintaining the continuous availability required for Sportiqo’s operations.

As the co-founder of Sportiqo, a leading cricket fantasy gaming platform, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of WiseOps on our AWS management. We've not only streamlined our cloud operations but also unlocked substantial 31.84% reduction in our AWS expenses.
Andy Kar, Co-Founder


The implementation of WiseOps ECS Spotting had a transformative impact on Sportiqo’s cloud cost management:

  • Significant Cost Reductions: Sportiqo achieved a reduction in monthly cloud expenses by 65%, saving approximately $1,000 each month.
  • Adaptive Cost Management: The flexibility in resource management allowed Sportiqo to adapt more effectively to the seasonal nature of sports analytics, optimizing costs without compromising on computational power or data accuracy.


The strategic deployment of WiseOps ECS Spotting enabled Sportiqo to not only maintain but enhance its high-performance analytics services while significantly cutting operational costs. This approach has allowed Sportiqo to adopt more aggressive business tactics and respond more dynamically to market conditions.


The success story of Sportiqo and WiseOps illustrates the power of innovative cloud management solutions in enabling companies to scale efficiently and cost-effectively in response to industry demands.

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