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$10,000 savings per month

How Cogoport Cut AWS Costs by Over $10,000+ Monthly with WiseOps

About Cogoport

Leading a new age of technology-driven trade, powered by Global Trade Platform, delivering better outcomes. Over 478,000+ containers have been moved by Cogoport to 192 countries, simplifying the complex to increase efficiency and maximise trade opportunities for customers to grow their business.



Cogoport was facing significant challenges with high operational AWS costs in both staging and production environments, which heavily impacted their overall budget. Inefficiencies in managing ECS tasks were contributing to unnecessary expenses, exacerbating the issue of excessive AWS spending. The need for effective cost optimization strategies became crucial to reduce these high costs and improve budget management.



  • Wise Scheduler: Automated scheduling for EC2, ECS, RDS to optimize resource usage during off-peak hours.
  • ECS Spotting: Implementation of WiseOps’s ECS Spotting to dynamically manage the allocation of Spot Fargate tasks, replacing them with on-demand resources only when necessary.
WiseOps algorithm displayed exceptional expertise in deciphering our cloud infrastructure, pinpointing key areas for cost-effective enhancements without sacrificing performance. Their predictive strategies led to a remarkable 18% decrease in our AWS expenses monthly.
- Ravi Verma, DevOps Lead


  • Monthly savings of $1,600 through Wise Scheduler by reducing operational hours.

  • Additional savings of $9,000/monthly through ECS Spotting by leveraging lower-cost Spot instances with seamless fallback to on-demand resources to ensure zero downtime.


Wise Scheduler and Spotting provided Cogoport with the tools to effectively manage and significantly reduce its AWS staging environment costs. This strategic cost management enhanced overall financial performance and operational agility.

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